Story Behind Muni Muni

Mission Statement

The word "muni muni" is derived from the Tagalog, one of the native languages in the Philippines. It translates to "deep thought". I chose this name for my business because it represents the amount of planning and consideration that goes into my products. From the flavors and colors of a dessert, to the smallest details. I want people to truly believe that there is "Thought put into every bite".

Where It All Began

My very first experience with food creation, was when I was around the age of 6 years old. In our small home, we would enjoy traditional Filipino delicacies. Whenever my mother would make lumpiang shanghai, I would excitedly prepare a bowl of water and watch as she carefully makes to tightly rolled spring rolls. Fast forward to when I was slightly older, I experienced making boxed mix brownies. I remember how amazed I was at my creation. How a pile of flour can suddenly turn into something so delicious. From there, my love of baking and cooking only grew stronger.

I started small. Using whatever ingredients we had in the house. Overtime, I was able to convince my parents to buy more ingredients such as vanilla extract and cocoa powder. In the 8th grade, that is when I took on my biggest challenge, the macaron. Failure after failure, I was soon surrounded by an absurd amount of cracked cookied and egg yolks. Despite my frusteration, I kept going. After one year, I finally made a perfect batch of macarons. They had smooth tops and dainty feet. They were and still are one of my greatest accomplishments.

Starting at a new high school, I had a hard time making new friends. In comes in the power of food! I once made chocolate macarons to give to my classmates, and from there random students would come up to me asking for a cookie. People began asking me if I was selling them. That's when the concept of Muni Muni came to life.